My Hero Cyno Saves the Day :: AAA Kills Erebus in Hemin!

Today was a great day for the members of Against ALL Authorities.

We started off by killing a providence pet carrier in D-G. Shortly after, swooped in upon several Morsus Mihi carriers that had been dropped onto a gate in Querious.

Imperian’s corpse was taken so that Maverick Lieutenant James Kordent could have it stuffed as a trophy of his victory.

A couple hours after the carriers died, our tournament team scored a sweet victory over Raiden in the Alliance Tournament.

Next weekend, -A- will face Darkside, a truly dangerous opponent whom we often engage in Curse. It should be a great fight.

We then moved on to a roam where we killed Initiative’s Machariel + Tengu fleet, and chased Goons around Great Wildlands.

However, the best moment of the day came last.

Some Curse-based neutrals were getting rather tired of being harassed by a badly-piloted Erebus who delighted in attempting to doomsday anything his friends could tackle in the Heaven constellation.

The neutrals laid out an Archon as bait in Hemin, and cloaked their dictor nearby. The titan pilot took the bait, but failed to kill the Archon, who was setup to withstand an Erebus’s DD.

Within seconds, our gang was upon the foolish pilot to provide secondary bubbles and to clear away his friends.

I was initially flying a battle-cruiser, but the call went out for more bubbles, so I docked and grabbed a Sabre out of my hangar. Luckily, after soloing in Hemin for a couple weeks last month, I still had ships left in the system.

After laying a sphere shaped ball of “you aren’t going anywhere” on the Erebus, I heard Mukk asking who had the cyno. Apparently that pilot disappeared earlier, and there was no one else who could open one!

Thinking fast, I docked to refit, and quickly re-entered the fray with a cargo-hold full of liquid ozone. The scimitars locked me up as I opened the cynosural field and broadcasted the beacon.

As the first super-caps landed on field, the fleet cheered, but we knew that there was a very good chance this Erebus would disappear.

The panicked titan pilot had logged shortly after the first bubbles were placed, and only a fraction of our online supers were at the designated mid-point when this trap was sprung.

No one had a precise count from when he had logged, but we all agreed there was less than 5 minutes left when he hit 1/4 armor. Luckily, his tank seemed to turn off after several minutes of frantic neutralizing, and his last 25% of armor and hull went extremely fast.

The titan was destroyed, leaving behind some very nice loot that was given to the -A- super pilots who were present for the kill. We made sure to pod him, too.

A video of the kill can be found HERE.

Rather than being a mere reward for participation, we earmarked specific officer and deadspace mods for those super-caps that were still missing various X-Type hardeners and officer smart-bombs.

I think the policy of upgrading our own super fits with titan/SC loot is excellent, and far better than allowing individuals to keep what they can grab.

Here is a screenshot I took after our fleet warped off field. The Erebus wreck was salvaged, but most of the others were left behind like gravestones.

As for the emotion after the kill, it doesn’t take much to imagine our excitement. Here are some other people’s thoughts:

In short, today was a very good day for AAA. Our Euro timezone crew killed carriers, our tournament team picked up another win, and our increasingly strong U.S. timezone brought down a titan.


5 Responses to “My Hero Cyno Saves the Day :: AAA Kills Erebus in Hemin!”

  1. Amberlee Evenstar Says:

    Hey Easely – I have FRAPS video of the entire thing… video should be done posting to YouTube in full 1080p by the time I get home from work tonight about 1600 CDT/US. – Amberlee XO

  2. craft713 Says:

    -A- EU & US time zones = BI-WINNING 🙂

  3. Kurt Konig Says:


    BUSA Kurtkonig

  4. […] forward to the rest of summer. Hopefully there will be more solo kills, more great fights, and more epic super-cap deaths. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  5. […] I look forward to the rest of summer. Hopefully there will be more solo kills, more great fights, and more epic super-cap deaths. […]

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