Nothing Like A Nyx Kill to Brighten Your Day

Up until about an hour ago, I was having a slightly off-day in Eve. The -A- tournament team had failed to advance to the final day, and my Curse roam was uncharacteristically dry with only 3 real kills.

However, our friends in Imperial Order let Bipster (BUSA) and myself know about a brazen Nyx pilot who has been camping their cyno beacon in Catch.

Apparently, the Nyx pilot would sit cloaked in a safe-spot near their cyno beacon, and would warp-in on anyone who jumps through in a capital. With no eyes nearby whatsoever, he was practically asking to die.

Knowing we needed non-AAA bait, we sent an IO guy to the beacon in a Chimera. The Nyx pilot’s alt quickly pointed the carrier in a Manticore, which our Chimera actually killed. The bait carrier then smack-talked the super until he warped on field to avenge his lost frigate.

As he landed, our trap was sprung. Once he aggro’d the carrier, our dictors soon had him encased from all sides in a hopeless sphere of warp-nullification.

To our surprise, he stayed logged in, so we slowly worked on his cap and slowly whittled-down his armor with battleships. When he finally logged, we cyno’d in some supers to speed up the job.

His armor plummeted as soon as his cap was dry. With fighter bombers on field, we comfortably killed him with plenty of time to spare. We quickly had a fresh Nyx wreck, ready for looting!

The loot was decent, with 3 x-type hardeners and a officer smarty dropping. Here is a snapshot of the kill-mail, as it appears on the -MVN- killboard:

I lost a ship roaming today, and only picked up a few kills along the way. However, being able to take down a Nyx dramatically altered my mood.

Thanks to Bipster for being the primary FC on this op. Thanks to IO for the excellent target. Finally, thanks to all the people who joined fleet, even after hours of roaming.

For anyone counting, this is two supers killed by -A- in the late-U.S. timezone within one week.


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