-A- Gets Revenge in Delve

The other day, -A- took a fight in Delve with 60 on our side against 170 MM + Brick, including 9 hostile supers. We lost, and the MM forces have been chest-beating over their 30 kills on various public forums as if it were of great importance.

Tonight we got some serious revenge. MM/Brick formed up a large HAC/Inty gang with scimitar support. Their numbers exceeded our own significantly, and they were waiting for us when we jumped into 1DH-.

The fight kicked off with our super-tanked Maelstrom bait de-cloaking first. They went for him but failed to break the tank. In the meantime, we began melting Vagas.

By the end of the fight, yellow wrecks surrounded us on the gate.

We looted field and popped random frigates who kept streaming into system, one-by-one.

Here is what the battle report looks like. -A- is on the left side.

The final report shows they had a few more than us, but because the MM/Brick side only got a couple of kills, there were many hostiles that didn’t make the report before warping out.

We even had fun traveling to Delve tonight, well before this fight started.

We first caught a TEST Tengu on the way, then systematically killed a MM bomber gang.

Later in the day, we traded blows with Black Legion when they caught us off guard chasing Brick Squad frigs. Much respect to BL, they are good pilots and it shows.

If Delve stays this fun, we’ll be back every night.


5 Responses to “-A- Gets Revenge in Delve”

  1. and now your chest beating, as if its of great importance?

    • In the previous fight, MM massively out-numbered us, and they smacked like crazy when they won. They even got the battle report up on Eve News 24.

      We came back the next day, out-numbered once again, but this time it was close enough to be a real fight. We won in a land slide.

      It’s pretty fair to act smug after getting revenge like that.

      Sorry you’re all mad and stuff. What have you done lately that you’re proud of?

  2. Titus Loken Says:

    You missed out the bit where you where decloaking things left right and centre!

    Did you buy a monocle and can now see cloaked ships or something?

    • Maybe if it actually did such a thing the ridiculous price tag they have put on it would make sense.

      Only CCP would ask for 4 months of subscription costs for a monocle.

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