Mining Carrier is BEST Carrier

Sometimes you just can’t believe what you see on your scanner until you actually come out of warp. Last night was one of those times for me.

I was “duo” roaming with PK in Domain low-sec when I narrowed a Chimera with mining drones launched to a belt at 5 degrees.

My wing-man literally did not believe what I was telling him until I called out “point” over comms.

After I pointed the Chimera, PK warped in for secondary tackle, and we began yelling at corp members to jump-clone out to low-sec.

Chemicals answered the call in a battleship. He was also so kind as to bring along a cyno. Supers did all the heavy-lifting from then on.

When we first tackled the carrier, we were worried about being able to kill it before help arrived, so I actually offered the pilot a very generous 500 mil ransom.

He was willing to pay, but had only 330 available. Half of that was a loan from a friend, and this pilot was very new – only 7 months or so old. I decided to decline his counter-offer.

Now, most people would have taken the money and kept shooting the carrier. I am probably one of the only people who still honors randoms, and I also don’t accept money if I don’t plan to let someone go.

When I first cut my teeth on low-sec PvP, ransoms were commonly honored. I myself was ransomed once as a very new player. Talking with the courteous pirate helped me get some fittings tips and it was generally a cordial end to a good fight.

Today, my impression is that very few pilots will actually honor or pay a ransom, simply because the custom is rapidly becoming extinct. Ransoms are now just another way to make a kill even more valuable if you can trick the person.

I have successfully extracted a handful of ransoms in 2011 so far. Among the ones I remember are: 30 mil for a drake, 80 mil for a vaga, ??? for an abaddon (don’t remember), 10 mil for a thorax, and 50 mil for a hulk. I let them all go after payment was received.

Since I rarely ransom people, I could easily have taken the money AND the kill mail with no real consequence in terms of future business, but somehow that kind of thing just doesn’t appeal to me.

I’m a scourge of the belts, someone you don’t want in a system near you, but I’ve never been comfortable scamming people. I will go to almost any lengths to catch my targets, but I don’t like feeling like a con.

After the fight is won, I don’t mind letting the other person go if they can pay. Unless the ship is exceedingly rare, one kill-mail is just a drop in the sea.

Someday I will quit this game, or perhaps CCP will close the doors, and from that day on my rank on killboards will not be important to me. I have experienced this same feeling after leaving “hardcore” gaming groups in other MMOs including Everquest, Anarchy Online, WoW, Allods and Ragnarok Online.

What will be important is whether I had fun along the way. Good memories are really all we can hope for a in life as we out-grow things that are important to us. For that reason, I will continue to do what feels natural, rather than maximizing profit & tears simply because I can.

For the record, I also honor 1v1’s when they are seriously requested. I am wary about accepting duels from most people, so I don’t often accept, but when I do it’s legitimate.


8 Responses to “Mining Carrier is BEST Carrier”

  1. Roman Robert Says:

    “I am probably one of the only people who still honors ransoms…”
    “…rather than maximizing profit & tears simply because I can.”

    Respect, sir.

  2. Mikestermike Says:

    Unless my foe is a recognized honorable pirate group (like the Tuskers), I will take the loss and not pay. There are too many out there that only love the tears (looking at you, Paul Clavet). Just give me a gf and send me packing.


  3. Lol, as far as I can tell a majority of low-sec piracy groups (The Bastards, the Tuskers, the pirate alliance that I”m part of, etc) will honor ransoms.

    Also, mining carrier is lol/

    • Old school “true pirate” groups tend to, but that’s a very small minority of the overall player base. Even in low-sec.

      It used to be very common to get ransoms because people expected you to honor it, but now the default presumption is that ransoms are scams.

      I suppose a group like Veto or Tuskers who has a reputation for honoring ransoms might have more luck.

  4. Also also, was an avatar really necessary? Lol

  5. Mr Cardking Says:

    Great blog easley! Makes me miss playing. Tell everyone I said hi and I wish them the best!! 🙂

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