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Major Victory in 46DP :: 3 RA Supers Killed with 1400 in Local!

Posted in Against All Authorities on July 28, 2011 by Easley Thames

Yesterday there was an important timer in 46DP. RA and Xxdeath, along with 3-4 smaller alliances, have been the principal invaders in Tenerifis, which was invaded several weeks before White Noise + NCdot kicked off their puzzling invasion of Providence.

-A- and Nulli formed up glorious golden dongs for battle, with S2N favoring Geddons and -A- favoring Abaddons. We had 180 in our own fleet, and I believe Nulli had a similar number, perhaps slightly less.

The sheer amount of guardians allowed us to cap-up our titans quickly, which made bridging across the South effortless. We were able to get into 46DP before the hostiles, and we setup on the 77S gate to wait for them.

Bombers made one run on us, but were all bubbled. They did some damage, but with heavily plated tanks,  it often takes more than one run to score a large number of kills.

After the bombers died, the hostiles moved to their titan so they could bridge into system. Once the first wave of enemies showed up, the lag monster reared its ugly head. Despite that fact, I was able to manually cycle guns with moderate success.

As more and more hostiles showed up, and even some 3rd parties looking to whore on mails, local hit 1400. The game became unplayable for most of us at this point. Blue reinforcements included Red Overlord, Imperial Order and Atlas.

I couldn’t lock most things because they were actually much farther than they appeared, my guns wouldn’t cycle, and I couldn’t give my ship new movement orders.

At this point the DRF forces had a big advantage, because their supers were able to cycle DDs and remote ECM burst on us. Even more importantly, their arty setups have better alpha than pulses, and work better when you only get to shoot once per 10 minutes.

Even still, we had a strong showing of forces, so we dropped our own supers. I was unable to get on the mails, but we took down a titan and 2 super carriers, along with a decent number of carriers.

We held the field, won the isk war, lost zero supers, and took down the hostile SBUs. In short, it was a very convincing victory in Tenerifis, which many hostiles had already taken for granted as belonging to them.

I am just mad I couldn’t get onto any of the super mails!


AAA v. Goat & Reverb :: Brawl in 3GXF-U

Posted in Against All Authorities, Renters, Roaming on July 26, 2011 by Easley Thames

A group called The Scapegoats recently moved into Eastern Providence, close to the front line between AAA and White Noise.

Supposedly this group paid Ewoks – Evoke’s junior ally – for some of their old space in Providence, but I am no in a position to confirm this.

The Scapegoats are allies of The Reverberation Project, which is another group in Eastern Providence that is currently squatting on the land with no approval from CVA.

This particular battle happened when we ran into a combined Goat + Reverb fleet that was protecting some SBUs they had just placed in 3GXF-U (a CVA system).

AAA had 42 ships, including 23 Hellcat abaddons. The enemy had 55 ships, including a mix of races.

Most notably, they had 6 scorpions and 1 falcon. Initially, the jamming caused problems for our side:

However, once the ECM died, we were able to melt the enemy and tank all of their incomming DPS.

In the end, AAA killed 44 of the hostiles (35 ships + 9 pods), and took only 9 losses (7 BS + 2 pods).

We held & looted the field. A few late warp-backs were caught trying to return to the battle.

Additionally, few more kills were scored in neighboring systems as remnants tried to flee.

Betraying MVN? Say goodbye to your super!

Posted in Against All Authorities, Corporate Management, Killboard Stats on July 23, 2011 by Easley Thames

Tonight was an excellent example of what happens when a corp catches a spy (or soon-to-be deserter on bad terms) that does not know they have been exposed.

In this kind of situation,  a corp’s leadership has the upper-hand, and can plan any sort of devious retribution imaginable against the disgruntled member.

In MVN, you can expect any act of revenge to be as malicious as possible, and this is probably our best “traitor trap” to date.

For two months, we have had suspicions about a certain person. This person had applied to PL (Gk Inc corp), insulting AAA as a way to try to bond with them, and had more recently applied to Raiden (presumably after Gk Inc turned him down).

To make matters worse, he sent mails with our fleet numbers and movements to hostiles and neutrals who were looking for drop opportunities on us.

When someone is shopping for a new corp and/or passing on intel to hostiles, there is only one sensible solution… KILL THEIR SUPER-CAP(s)!

We made up excuses to get him to log-off and kicked the Nyx alt out of corp while simultaneously book-marking the safe-spot in which he had logged.

We planned for dictors to meet him when he logged back in, and he was soon joined by the rest of our fleet.

The lesson is, if you do join MVN, and if you are flagrantly disloyal, you stand a fair chance of dieing.

Finally, as you can see from the pic above, he isn’t exactly making a good case for his innocence.

“Guys, guys! I only talked to their recruiters! I didn’t even join the enemy yet!”

Better luck in your next corp, ex-Maverick guy. On the bright side, you still have the titan!

Lots of Action

Posted in Against All Authorities, Killboard Stats, Piracy, Roaming, Solo PvP on July 18, 2011 by Easley Thames

As the Summer continues, I’ve seen lots of action all across the south of New Eden.

Usually Curse and Providence provide us with the most fun. In addition to hostile fleets, we often find pimped ships strolling around in these regions, and I’m never too busy to gank a pimped ratting boat.

To the West, Delve is evolving into quite a war-zone with MM, Brick and Borg looking to start a new empire in Delve. However, this region has not been a particularly fun destination for AAA.

The biggest issue is that, 90% of the time we form up a gang, MM refuses to fly anything but bombers. Those kinds of “fights” are not something that makes us want to show up every day, and our allies in the region can usually handle things on their own, but we do appear occasionally when asked to help out with a timer.

The recent release of the Captain’s Quarters leaves me with the impression that there is a great template in place, but as of yet, nothing about it is really useful to me. I would greatly appreciate the option to use the old docking hangar view, personally.

Moreover, the game is still about spaceships, first and foremost. I hope CCP keeps this in mind. Pictured above is my trusty (and rusty) Tempest, which seems to be a carrier magnet of sorts.

Bumping capitals off-station is always fun, and with lots of Machs & Tempests in-gang, it isn’t particularly hard to push someone out of remote repair range.

Over the last 3 months, I have seen more and more action. I credit the large number of active FCs in MVN, and AAA’s culture, which embraces roaming above almost all else.

Since joining -A-, -MVN- has had increasing momentum. Our corp moved up 200 spots on Battle Clinic, and I’ve personally moved up over 500 spots.

According to Eve-Kill, MVN is currently #7 eve-wide for kills in the last 30 days:

Personally, I’ve gone from around 2100 when we left IT to breaking into the 1600’s. My goal is top-1500 by Summer’s end, which I am currently on track for.

I appear to be advancing around 100 spots per month, which is significant at this rank because everyone above and immediately below you is also very active.

I’ve had some great fights expensive ganks to help me climb the ladder, like the solo Tengu kill pictured above.

However, the best fights are the ones where you take on small gangs alone. Especially this month, I really regret not having Fraps installed.

For example, just this morning I engaged 1 BS and 3 BC in my Maelstrom. To get them to engage, I tried warping at zero to their gate-camp, but they wouldn’t take the fight until I warped-in at range.

In the picture above, you can see the wreck of the first victim – a drake – while the other 3 continue to fire on me. I ended up killing 3 of them while one drake eventually escaped. I – of course – survived.

And of course, I have not only been doing casual PvP, there have been some serious confrontations with RA and their allies over Tenerifis, and we expect that to escalate very soon.

Regardless of how the sov-map looks, we will continue playing the game the way we do right now.

I look forward to the rest of summer. Hopefully there will be more solo kills, more great fights, and more epic super-cap deaths.