Betraying MVN? Say goodbye to your super!

Tonight was an excellent example of what happens when a corp catches a spy (or soon-to-be deserter on bad terms) that does not know they have been exposed.

In this kind of situation,  a corp’s leadership has the upper-hand, and can plan any sort of devious retribution imaginable against the disgruntled member.

In MVN, you can expect any act of revenge to be as malicious as possible, and this is probably our best “traitor trap” to date.

For two months, we have had suspicions about a certain person. This person had applied to PL (Gk Inc corp), insulting AAA as a way to try to bond with them, and had more recently applied to Raiden (presumably after Gk Inc turned him down).

To make matters worse, he sent mails with our fleet numbers and movements to hostiles and neutrals who were looking for drop opportunities on us.

When someone is shopping for a new corp and/or passing on intel to hostiles, there is only one sensible solution… KILL THEIR SUPER-CAP(s)!

We made up excuses to get him to log-off and kicked the Nyx alt out of corp while simultaneously book-marking the safe-spot in which he had logged.

We planned for dictors to meet him when he logged back in, and he was soon joined by the rest of our fleet.

The lesson is, if you do join MVN, and if you are flagrantly disloyal, you stand a fair chance of dieing.

Finally, as you can see from the pic above, he isn’t exactly making a good case for his innocence.

“Guys, guys! I only talked to their recruiters! I didn’t even join the enemy yet!”

Better luck in your next corp, ex-Maverick guy. On the bright side, you still have the titan!


38 Responses to “Betraying MVN? Say goodbye to your super!”

  1. MVN sounds like an awesome corp.

    Or, no it doesn’t. I dont get why you couldn’t just be honorable and tell him to get the fuck out, and give him 24 hours to actually do so.

    You had to bait him, and kill his supercarrier..


  2. Michelle Says:

    sorry this makes you clever how? With all due respect all you have done here is make yourselves look like a bunch to paranoid, arrogant morons, good luck fining new members when your old ones realise what creeps you really are.

    • Lol yes everyone hates joining corps that root out spies, and it’s much more fun to let supers fall into enemy hands than to kill them!

      You know everyone on comms was cheering right?

      Have fun in a corp that lets people spit in your face then walk away. MVN will always be vengeful sons of bitches.

  3. sarah baker Says:

    words cant describe what i feel tonight all i did was mail old friends who i have know for 4 years didn’t give any Intel non what’s so ever stated a fact that u could nt get 100 in fleet i had been in corp for 7 months and only asked for 1 or 2 refurbishments apparently i wasn’t active til WN invade that’s because i work on a submarine and some times ur afk if that makes me a SPY then hey!!

    • Yes we should totally have let you take your Nyx and join a hostile alliance.

      You have been trying to jump ship for 2 months. You could have had the common sense to just get it safe before burning the bridge while you were still walking on a tight-rope.

      No one has any sympathy for you here. We got approval from Avi, alliance leaders, and every director who was online.

    • Dienekes IV Says:

      you’re missing the point. see my comment below

    • chadsexington Says:


      PS if you cant protect your nyx dont bother app’ing to PL; they have no time for failures

  4. Gux Anderson Says:

    Yeah, not too impressed with how you handled this one at all. Sure sounds dramatic though, so there’s that I guess.

  5. giving the enemy intel on us and badmouthing us behind our backs does not instill sympathy. this shit went on for months.

  6. sarah baker Says:

    what intel!

  7. sarah baker Says:

    intel = u cant even get 100 man fleet ohh well that’s intel

  8. sarah baker Says:

    ps even though my friend is miles away!!!!!!!!!!


    PL & friends have interesting ways of letting people in, huh?

    If someone wants to leave MVN, no worries. They leave. We have lost super pilots before, etc. It sucks but it happens. and we wish the farewell. No big deal, they say I am leaving and out they go. When you lurk in alliance afterwards-thats not cool.

    When you quietly are probing around to the people that want to kill us, we watch. When all of a sudden you are active same week those people move down to kill us… we planned to kick-opportunity arose.

    I won’t risk those super pilots who are on all the time and risking their ships for someone who is actively seeking membership in a hostile corp and alliance.

    Creeps? Cool. I protect those people in my corp and my alliance. We watched for 2 months, and received information on him from both game based on out of corp intelligence. Avi made the call-we followed orders.

  10. Sounds a pretty lame way to get a kill, who cares if a super cap goes to an enemy woopedy do……oh wait you obviously cant handle it. You havnt killed an enemy supercap, you killed one of ur own……very smart since u obviously care sooo much about kill stats, you just took your own down. +100 retard points for you guys

    • Dienekes IV Says:

      when the pilot in question is asking the DRF for a sitter so he can get out of his titan to apply, then it’s a hostile supercap.

  11. Dienekes IV Says:

    ****forget accusations of active spying, forget who your other friends are in EVE, forget simply wanting to make a change. That’s the minor shit.*****

    The problem comes from KNOWING about your intention to join people directly hostile, the first being an attempt to join PL, the second being an imminent “please help me move my titan” to the DRF.

    What did we do with this information at first? Nothing. At some risk to us you were not kicked for approaching PL, which is not a crime in itself, but only when you approached the DRF did we know you were not trading acceptance to PL for setting a trap (this has happened before).

    Unfortunately for you, the DRF arrived, NC. is coming and that’s when the decision was made to deny them another supercapital. It was not an easy one because clearly it’s not going to be 100% popular to have to do a boot & kill; it’s not the type of mechanics I like, and personally I’d rather it not have to be done at all (believe it or not), but knowing what we know based on *your mistake* of allowing us to find out – this is the result. Nothing personal intended. I’m sure you’ll recover and have a better time somewhere else.

    • Amen brother.

      I also have one more thing to add. Your loyalty to MVN comes before everything else. Even if you hate the alliance we are in, you stick with us while we work to improve it, you don’t just bail on us.

      Those who have stuck with MVN for years have been rewarded and earned trust. We have no use for people who go shopping for a new corp every time we take a hard path in this game by joining an alliance that isn’t FOTM or in the best possible position for safety.

  12. someoneimportant Says:


  13. mvnhater Says:

    just another chalk mark for how shit mvn is -a- used to be cool.

  14. We had a similar situation to this just after the fall of IT. We had a Wyvern pilot signing on the dotted line to join Goons in one our safe towers nearby. I happened to be sat outside this tower cloaked in Pilgrim with a cyno ready to go.

    Even when the pilot warped to a celestial and cloaked (with me following) I was ordered to stand down. The guy was just leaving and wasn’t a risk so Avi told me to let it slide, the guy switched corps and jumped out.

    People join MVN and leave MVN, fair enough. But when you try to join somewhere else, trash talk us and put the lives of the rest of our super capital fleet at risk and do all of this in the most retarded manner you don’t even deserve the MVN ticker.

    If it was all a big misunderstanding, it was a risk worth taking. I only wish they waited 20 mins for me to get online.

    “God forgives, Avi does not.”

  15. null01001 Says:

    So many haters…do these guys even play the game?

    I get it…we should have just asked, “when would it be convenient for you to defect?” and then also politely ask him, “please don’t share any intel until while your shopping”

    What a bunch of spineless, gutless, evangelical, tree hugging, buddhas you all must be. Me personally, I’m just mad I didn’t get on the killmail.

    You want to leave, we have a “there’s the door” policy. If you want to timidly stick your toe in everyone’s pool until you find the right temperature all the while sharing a little of what goes on in our back yard…expect to get kicked the fuck out the hard way.


    • Dienekes IV Says:

      “I’m not active enough, I need to go to hisec to pay for my PLEX and probably won’t be back, can I rejoin temporarily to jump my carrier out?”

      “No, just undock your carrier and go, you’ve been set +5 to corp and have docking rights at 5-C Casa de Maverick. You could join an allied corp easily to accomplish the same thing, so just go ahead. BTW, I’m on the undock in a Sabre if you try any shit.”

      *carrier undocks and jumps*

  16. Why so Serious Says:

    I love MVN you guys are awesome. If I ever get back into EVE I wouldn’t mind joining you. It was fun flying with you guys in IT always had something going on

  17. […] Easley Thames is a contributing writer for Eve News24, you can visits his site at the Could Have Taken it Solo blog. […]

  18. Hehe thats what he gets for betraying not only -MVN- but -A- as well. Free Super Mail FTW lolz

  19. I joined MVN some years ago and have never looked back.
    Feel free to hate on me…..

  20. If I was MVN I would be putting up the links proving this person was in fact passing intel and badmouting etc.
    Otherwise it might be a tad hard to recruit more Super pilots if it is just word vs word.
    If the proof is there no-one is going to be on ya nuts about it except in a positive way.

    Just sayin

    • You realize he admits everything right?

      He just doesn’t think he deserved to lose his super. Too bad the decision isn’t up to him.

      We have only done this once ever, and we hope we never have to do it again. If anyone wants to leave the corp they can do so, will even give them a grace period, but they cannot STAY IN ACTIVE FLEETS WHILE TRYING TO SUCK PL DICK because that is exactly how PL sets up traps in exchange for corp invites for asshole traitors.

      If you want to understand MVN, understand this, you need to be loyal even if you don’t like the alliance we join. We maintain very active roaming and have a unique corp identity that persists regardless of what alliance we join.

      People who want to bail on MVN because there is a FOTM alliance down the street are free to go. Just don’t stay in our super-cap channels while applying to red alliances.

      • You are probably right mate.
        But you gotta show the proof when you start throwing around API Mail checks terms then doing something like this.
        You guys should have learnt from the last 12 months about Propaganda and effective ways to use it.

        You just seem like a bunch of kids mad because someone wanted to take their shiny toy elsewhere and you couldn’t use it.

        So you smashed it…..

        see how easy it is without proof from either side.

  21. full of shit Says:

    Name says it all run along to LGK Fag

  22. Thanks for finally talking about >Betraying MVN? Say goodbye
    to your super! | Easley Thames <Loved it!

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