AAA v. Goat & Reverb :: Brawl in 3GXF-U

A group called The Scapegoats recently moved into Eastern Providence, close to the front line between AAA and White Noise.

Supposedly this group paid Ewoks – Evoke’s junior ally – for some of their old space in Providence, but I am no in a position to confirm this.

The Scapegoats are allies of The Reverberation Project, which is another group in Eastern Providence that is currently squatting on the land with no approval from CVA.

This particular battle happened when we ran into a combined Goat + Reverb fleet that was protecting some SBUs they had just placed in 3GXF-U (a CVA system).

AAA had 42 ships, including 23 Hellcat abaddons. The enemy had 55 ships, including a mix of races.

Most notably, they had 6 scorpions and 1 falcon. Initially, the jamming caused problems for our side:

However, once the ECM died, we were able to melt the enemy and tank all of their incomming DPS.

In the end, AAA killed 44 of the hostiles (35 ships + 9 pods), and took only 9 losses (7 BS + 2 pods).

We held & looted the field. A few late warp-backs were caught trying to return to the battle.

Additionally, few more kills were scored in neighboring systems as remnants tried to flee.


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