Major Victory in 46DP :: 3 RA Supers Killed with 1400 in Local!

Yesterday there was an important timer in 46DP. RA and Xxdeath, along with 3-4 smaller alliances, have been the principal invaders in Tenerifis, which was invaded several weeks before White Noise + NCdot kicked off their puzzling invasion of Providence.

-A- and Nulli formed up glorious golden dongs for battle, with S2N favoring Geddons and -A- favoring Abaddons. We had 180 in our own fleet, and I believe Nulli had a similar number, perhaps slightly less.

The sheer amount of guardians allowed us to cap-up our titans quickly, which made bridging across the South effortless. We were able to get into 46DP before the hostiles, and we setup on the 77S gate to wait for them.

Bombers made one run on us, but were all bubbled. They did some damage, but with heavily plated tanks,  it often takes more than one run to score a large number of kills.

After the bombers died, the hostiles moved to their titan so they could bridge into system. Once the first wave of enemies showed up, the lag monster reared its ugly head. Despite that fact, I was able to manually cycle guns with moderate success.

As more and more hostiles showed up, and even some 3rd parties looking to whore on mails, local hit 1400. The game became unplayable for most of us at this point. Blue reinforcements included Red Overlord, Imperial Order and Atlas.

I couldn’t lock most things because they were actually much farther than they appeared, my guns wouldn’t cycle, and I couldn’t give my ship new movement orders.

At this point the DRF forces had a big advantage, because their supers were able to cycle DDs and remote ECM burst on us. Even more importantly, their arty setups have better alpha than pulses, and work better when you only get to shoot once per 10 minutes.

Even still, we had a strong showing of forces, so we dropped our own supers. I was unable to get on the mails, but we took down a titan and 2 super carriers, along with a decent number of carriers.

We held the field, won the isk war, lost zero supers, and took down the hostile SBUs. In short, it was a very convincing victory in Tenerifis, which many hostiles had already taken for granted as belonging to them.

I am just mad I couldn’t get onto any of the super mails!


6 Responses to “Major Victory in 46DP :: 3 RA Supers Killed with 1400 in Local!”

  1. wow, absolutely sickened i missed this fight. Thank you ireland for still having SHITE internet.

    Nice write up muchacho


    highway to the danger zone, /me stamp of approval WAFER-

  3. don’t feel bad man I missed the awesome killmails as well

  4. […] east into IRC space, or bandwagon with White Noise & RA against AAA in the South. Considering the stomping the Russians took in 46DP, I can only imagine that the Russians were pleading for help at that […]

  5. standinginspace Says:

    Was a good fight, I was able to get on the mails >:). Also, another red avatar, piloted by o’rly y’rly was able to get out apparently in structure, though with the lag its hard to exactly tell. That same titan went down like last week (as reported in EN24)

    Was fun fighting down there until IO got BOB’ed and I moved (though that ally was kind of a failcascade once we moved down to omist from Catch after the sanctum nerf)

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