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DRF Scores A “HED-Shot”

Posted in Against All Authorities, Eve History on August 12, 2011 by Easley Thames

Yesterday was a bit depressing. Not only did our side stand down from a major engagement with over 600 people on our side ready to fight, but MVN took its first ever super-capital loss in a very un-glorified way.

When one of our Avatar pilots logged off the day before yesterday, NCdot was able to get his safe spot somehow.

They either had a spy in fleet who had warped to him and bookmarked the spot before he logged the previous day, or they were somehow able to probe him as he logged in yesterday. We do not know which.

Some people are posting that he cyno’d into HED. That is not the case. We did not jump anything into HED, least of all a single titan.

When he logged in at that safe-spot, expecting to be able to cloak safely before being found, there was a dictor waiting for him at the bookmark before he even landed.

The result was AAA’s first ever titan loss in their entire history, and a moment of great embarrassment for MVN. We’ll rebuild it eventually, but the loss upset us deeply. It was a far larger blow to our pride than anything else.

I had long resigned myself to the fact that MVN would probably lose a super in this war, simply because we actually use all of our toys on a regular basis while many in our coalition do not, but I was hoping any supers lost would at least go down swinging in a real fight.

The titan loss happened before we were even fully formed up, so there was no way to rescue him. We eventually gathered 500 people with proper ship types and had another 100 or so in a third fleet with a mixed composition of late-comers.

Our total fleet strength was around 600 sub-caps and a classified number of super-capitals. We had more sub-caps than the DRF, who had around 400 in their sub-cap fleet with, but the problem was their titans.

Even without heavy lag, a large enough group of titans simply makes sub-capital fleets irrelevant. Titans can pop a battleship in 2-3 volleys from their turrets (and sometimes less) and they can DD a command ship or logistic every time the cycle is finished.

In heavy lag, Titans get even more effective. Long cycling times for modules is no problem for a Titan. In comparison, close range battleships (like the Armageddon fleets we have been using heavily) will suffer immensely. Fast cycling weapons suffer the most in heavy lag, while doomsdays and XL-guns are rarely affected.

From the very beginning of this war, we knew that the presence of even half of DRF super-cap fleet would make beating them impossible. That is why protecting the HED cyno jammer was of such great importance.

Ultimately, the lack of active Russians in AAA made it impossible to protect our jammer when the DRF has good numbers. This was compounded by the Stain Empire reset, since SE have long been a key Russian timezone ally for AAA.

Because we couldn’t keep 23/7 system control, the DRF was able to continually break our cyno jammers down, and that is what allowed them to press the “i-win” button time after time.

The failure to protect our jammer made our strength in the U.S. timezone irrelevant.

We haven’t given up on fighting for our remaining systems, but the imminent loss of HED is a massive blow – both logistically and in terms of morale.

I think everyone on our side is proud that we held off the DRF in HED for 3 weeks. A month ago, we all expected that were going to be so badly out-manned and out-gunned by the DRF that we would have to immediately fall back to Stain. That didn’t happen.

AAA became a symbol of resistance to the DRF, and many alliances came to fight at our side. That is the reason we were able to hold out so long in HED. We saw regular participation from Nulli, ROL, Imperial Order and even Razor.

Unfortunately, the DRF seems poised to succeed at the monopolization of 0.0 like no other entity has done before. It is almost a cliche at this point to say that one side is “ruining the game” so I will just hope that the game’s new mega-coalition meets the same disasters that crushed the NC and GBC in the past.

Aside from mass-producing super-capitals, the other key to the success of Russian alliances like White Noise and XXdeath has been support from non-Russian alliances like NCdot and Raiden. If PL are needed, they also make an appearance – for a fee.

My hope is that the current DRF coalition fractures a bit. I can guarantee that they would see far more action from our side if they left their allies from the North at home.