Best Spam Comment Ever

So, like most bloggers, I get a ton of spam comments on my posts. In most cases, companies do this for SEO purposes.

These posts typically get caught by Akismet, and I delete them in bulk without a second thought. After all, who wants to visit some shady drug peddling website.

However, today I spotted a particularly humorous one, and I felt compelled to share:

In any case, I plan to be a bit more active in October, so there should be a bit more content coming from me soon.

I have been busy IRL, and all my gaming time is currently going towards grinding for the tier 10 heavy tanks in WoT.

As soon as I have the T30 unlocked I will be done grinding.

Update: Best search engine term that brought someone to my blog —


6 Responses to “Best Spam Comment Ever”

  1. Wolverine show-off!
    Perhaps I’m just envious, since I’ve never made it past 6 kills in any vehicle.

    On a personal note, I’ve found it extremely difficult to set my mind to level only one tree to Tier X, since that mindset is required over extensive periods of time. My fun in WoT comes from playing almost every tank there is (wide tier VI garage atm).
    Good luck reaching the T95, may time fly by for you.

    Looking forward to reading more blag posts too. Autumn has returned, and so has Eve.

    • Yeah I actually like the middle tier tanks too, I just want to get the free garage slots + premium tanks they are offering for people tho get the tier 9 and 10 heavies in time for the patch where they are replaced.

      I have been grinding with some mid-tier elite status tanks in addition to heavies and converting extra research into free exp with gold. It isn’t too expensive and it really speeds things up.

      If you want to platoon sometime let me know.

  2. Free premium tanks on patchday? That would be my first gold machine. I’m not a big fan of those but free is free, I’d take it.

    I’m running premium and have some leftover gold lying around thats too small to spend on additional months. Tested different gold ammo with it but almost always ended in disappointment. I have considered using that gold to convert some of my experience instead, did some calculations, but contrary to you it actually seemed too expensive. Basically not worthwhile as in I’m not on a tight schedule, and I do like to waste lots of my time on WoT whenever EVE is slow.

    Plus I have no idea (date) as to when the T30 is being moved to the TD tree as Tier IX (source: wot wiki). Is your motivation fueled by an imminent patch? I am 20k exp away from the Slugger, so not that high up the ladder yet.

    About platooning: I’m in CET while I’m pretty sure to recall you’re USTZ, together with PK? I’ll add your account (et2011) and will shout out when the timing fits.

  3. Panthe Tek (@panthetek) Says:

    On WoT topic, did you watch this boom galore trailer?

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