The Five Most Destructive Alliances of All Time :: A Short Review of the Data

While bored at work, I decided to construct a simple table comparing the most destructive alliances of all time. The data is taken from Battle Clinic, which is the largest and oldest-running kill mail database available to Eve players.

This table includes the top 5 ranked alliances on Battle Clinic (based on their all-time rank). Though Battle Clinic rankings are based on kill-points, I find that the most interesting data is the overall amount of kills, losses, and isk damage caused by each alliance.

A note about “BC” rankings. Battle Clinic ranking is based off “kill points,” not the raw isk value of kills.

For example, killing a T2 frigate in another T2 frigate is worth 20 points, while killing that same T2 frigate in a battle-ship is worth much less points, even though the isk value of the kill is the same in both cases. This system is supposed to judge the difficulty of a kill, and in most cases it works well.

Sharing a kill with multiple players spreads the value out, so solo kills are the most valuable. This tends to benefit alliances that have many small-gang and soloist pilots.

Of the top-5 alliances, it’s easy to see why each of them are there:

(1) AAA has held down the top spot for years. While AAA’s current enemies in the DRF tend to portray AAA as cockroaches that refuse to die after losing space, the truth is that sovereignty is a secondary priority for most AAA pilots.

AAA has maintained an almost compulsive small-gang roaming culture with multiple gangs across multiple timezones since their formation.

That tradition is very much alive today, and the alliance is now more active than ever in the U.S. timezone, in large part due to the addition of  The Maverick Navy’s fleet commanders.

Looking closely at the numbers, the sheer volume of kills by AAA pilots tells the whole story. The kill total is un-matched by any of the other alliances listed, and this tells me that AAA has been constantly involved in fighting.

AAA has more kills than the all-time #2 and #3 ranked alliance combined, and is – in that sense – the most destructive.

(2) The Privateers. Ah yes, the greatest terrors of high-sec. These campers regularly scored mission-fit battleship kills with small groups, which is an excellent kill-point generation strategy.

You can see the relatively low number of losses for Privateers, which is evidence of the well known fact that their prey is mostly unsuspecting high-sec fodder. However, the lack of large-scale battles means less overall kills as well.

Privateers also suffer in the isk damage category, largely because you cannot score high-value capital and super-capital kills in empire. I guess ganking in Jita has to have some drawbacks to it.

(3) Triumvarite, the phoenix that keeps burning itself out, only to rise again.

This alliance, which can be considered the precursor to Northern Coalition(dot) of today, was a nasty menace that kept a much larger norther force on their heels for months at a time, periodically disbanding when the e-peen of involved parties got in the way of operating a single alliance.

Triumvarite was well known for both small gang roaming and ganking capitals, both of which generate copious kill-points.

Unlike privateers, who took very few risks, you can see from the numbers that Tri definitely took heavier losses as a result of fighting an organized opponent while out-numbered.

(4) Pandemic Legion, the game’s one true king-maker for hire, and the force whose fittings and tactics have been most heavily imitated in the last two years.

I expected that, being the game’s most successful super-cap killers, their isk destruction total would be very high, and it is. PL is only 5 trillion isk behind AAA, despite killing roughly half as many ships.

PL certainly has a healthy kill-point generation source in large battles, where they are generally un-matched, but perhaps they are not quite as active between major battles.

Since PL is well-known for playing other games actively (like myself), I think this is probably explains what we see reflected in the data.

(5) Stain Empire is a tough group of Southerners with a long-held regional alliance with Coven and AAA. These Southern alliances tend to place a strong emphasis on roaming and casual pvp, which is reflected in their strong overall ranks.

Much like AAA, Stain Empire appears to care more about fun battles than holding space. SE is even more extreme in this regard than its neighbors, and they have proven they are perfectly content to live in the NPC-owned Stain region.

During the invasion by the DRF, which caused a massive wave of counter-balancing, Stain Empire stuck to its principles and temporarily reset many of its allies to keep the kill-mails flowing.

The stand-out statistic here is the fact that SE has apparently caused 68.3 trillion in damage, which is more than twice the next closest  total. Unless there are fake mails involved, that means AAA trails SE with 31.4 trillion destroyed, despite killing more than twice as many ships.

This amount is larger than the sum total of PL, Tri, and Privateer’s totals. Without going out-side the top-5 ranked alliances, this feat is un-matched and makes SE a strong outlier.

Stain Empire – at first glance – seems to be the single most destructive alliance in Eve history.


7 Responses to “The Five Most Destructive Alliances of All Time :: A Short Review of the Data”

  1. I’d be very curious to see top 10 if there were some way to control for the different lifespans these alliances have. With the exception of Tri who’ve simply shed their old name, these five alliances have all been around for quite some time. I have to wonder if simply not failscading contributes to their high battleclinic rankings

    • You can average the isk damage and kills by months they’ve existed. I will probably do this in a future post.

      To be honest, this was my first time playing with this topic and I am now motivated to make a much better table with more alliances and a more logical organization.

      As for what will happen in a monthly average; Stain, AAA and PL all show up really high on Eve-Kill monthly totals for 2011 so I don’t think the trend would be downward for those 3 alliance.

      Privateer Alliance and Tri will probably drop-out soon with the DRF alliances racking up lots of kill mails in the last two major wars.

      The alliances that could potentially break in are all in the DRF right now. RA is actually at #6 on BC right now.

      Time will drop Tri and other dead alliances downward as kill-mail inflation (especially among supers) grows everyone else’s stats.

  2. nerds



    why you never login to eve?

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