CCP Diagoras Reports – AAA is the #1 Most Destructive Alliance

Warning: This is a shameless post where I pat my alliance on the back.  If you’re not interested in that kind of thing, then this is as far as you need to read.

CCP’s internal numbers (including the last 4 years of kills) now back-up my recent study of public kill-boards reflecting that AAA is the most destructive alliance in New Eden. It is a source of pride for -MVN- that we have contributed to the ongoing success of AAA for nearly a year now.

We faced the “old AAA” from their earliest days in 2007, back when The Mavericks were providence residents, enjoying daily fights with skilled AAA pilots. AAA has always had one of the best roaming cultures in the South, and the stats reflect this.

Our respect for -A- grew again as they continued their way of life, roaming the South and having fun, while simultaneously turning the tide against IT Alliance & The Initiative in 2010, eventually rebuilding their empire.

Many alliances have claimed they can survive losing space, but only AAA has been able to actually grow while facing a larger coalition, month after month.

Here are CCP Diagoras’s Findings:

#1 Against ALL Authorities (115,425 / 56,169)
#2 Pandemic Legion (91,301 / 49,606)
#3 Morsus Mihi (85,062 / 38,735)
#4 Red Alliance (69,726 / 34,727)
#5 RAZOR Alliance (58,754 / 28,887)



One Response to “CCP Diagoras Reports – AAA is the #1 Most Destructive Alliance”

  1. The number of ships is impressive, but RED Arrow has been fighting with large numbers.
    I think it would be worth it to see the isk destroyed and lost top 5.
    Additionally it should noted that 2 of the 5 most destructive corps are in PL, MVN is in the top ten in there i think

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