The Stars Look Amazing…. In Skyrim

I have to confess, I am totally addicted to Skyrim. With all the hype out there, I really expected to be let down somehow, much like I was with Oblivion.

Fortunately, that was NOT the case this time. This is what I would call a perfect game, in that I literally would not change anything about the experience.

I was not planning to purchase Skyrim so soon. Rather than paying full price for the game + lots of DLC, I typically wait for the expansions to be released to each Elder Scrolls game before buying the package deal.

However, I received Skyrim as a belated birthday gift from a friend, so I was off to explore the frozen Nordic wastes earlier than I had anticipated.

The world is really beautifully constructed, and I feel strongly immersed when adventuring.

I am also impressed by the quality of the voice acting, and the dungeon layouts I have experienced, two things that were painfully awful in Oblivion.

I just wanted to say that, if you aren’t seeing me online, this is why:

Like many, I didn’t enjoy Oblivion very much compared to Morrowind, and let me just say that Skyrim has completely refueled my love for this franchise. They did so many things right this time that I don’t even know where to begin.

Finally, I wonder if any other Eve players found this particular ability amusing:

I kind of chuckled when the Greybeards started talking about ‘Clear Skies’ up on High Hrothgar.


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