Northern Migration :: AAA Lands in X-7

After a mere two-week “break” from major 0.0 warfare, -A- has started a new campaign in the north.

While the master-plan has not yet been revealed, most public speculation has focused on AAA seeking revenge on the CFC for supporting Legion of xXDeathXx in recent months.

To an extent, I can confirm this interpretation is accurate. We will definitely be making life painful for the CFC.

However, the purpose of our trip up north is not to tip the scales against them in the long-term, or to re-balance their war in-favor their permanent opponents.

Instead, we will play the role of a third party. After all, we have equal reason to kill NCdot and Raiden as we do TEST & Goonswarm. More than anything else, we are in this war – as always – because we are lead by angry Russians who never forget a grudge.

This time, we kicked things off by jumping 280 carriers and a classified number of super-capitals clear across the galaxy, starting in GE-8 and landing in X-7.

Using a system in Providence as our first mid-point lead to a hilarious reaction within CVA.

We had been hot-dropping carriers in Provi over the last week, and some of us joked that we were going to “conquer Providence” in the coming days.

If anyone has credibility when it comes to conquering Providence, it’s us. AAA is the only alliance to have ever gone through with the enormous station grind that Provi requires.

So with that in mind, when we jumped nearly 300 capital ships into R3-K7K, the locals started having heart attacks in their intel channels. Luckily for CVA, this time it was just an early April fool’s joke.

Then again, who wouldn’t be afraid of our new super-weapon. Formed from the hulls of mere carriers, together we form Voltron: Defender of The Universe!

After making our first few jumps, we stopped to re-fuel in low-sec space.

We gave some local pirates quite a scare as we jumped in, pushing the systems we visited into heavy time-dilation.

If we had used a less obvious cyno ship, we probably could have gotten a few kills out of the trip, but that wasn’t our priority.

Our goal was swiftly moving into our destination, with as much stealth as is possible for an alliance of our size.

We made relatively good time across the Galaxy, considering the numbers involved, and I actually think that our only losses were a couple cyno ships.

That may sound unremarkable, but when you have capitals disconnecting in low-sec systems, you can never be too careful.

The new cyno effect is awesome. I must admit I took few screenshots of us jumping out to Pure Blind.

After we docked our carrier armada, we decided to reinforce a TEST-owned Tech moon in the system with some of the toys we brought along.

While we aren’t really planning to stay long enough to profit much from the moon, attacking valuable asset in our staging system is a great way to get fights.

Besides, if the idea is to cause TEST and GSF some pain for helping PL’s bandwagon fight us in the past, denying them some of their Tech income is a good way to accomplish that.

The dick-star moon (all hardeners) melted under the guns of a couple hundred mega-pulse platforms, but TEST had enough time to form up some bombers on short-notice.

Unfortunately for them, they were all caught and killed on their second run, before they earned any kills.

Here is the battle-report of the very short “fight” on the tower —

I took a screenshot just after bubbling them in my Sabre, but most of their bombers had already been popped or podded before I could hit the “print screen” button.

This conflict should be a great source of entertainment for us.

It’s an “away game,” so the stakes for -A- are somewhat less than they have been in our recent wars, but so far the participation has been impressive.

Our Russian/Euro timezone move-op involved over 350 people, with more U.S. players showing up late to the party every hour. Keep in mind these people are all from AAA and our sister-alliance, En Garde. This is not a coalition deployment.

Choosing an NPC 0.0 staging point provides us with a degree of freedom in terms of committing to fights, since we only really need to un-dock when it suits us. That is an ideal position, as far as morale goes.

Finally, it’s worth noting that X-7 is a nostalgic location for many of us.

Max 2.0 launched from the very same system, as have many other campaigns, and the place has a sense of “epic scale” to it in more ways than one. The 200 AU diameter of the solar system is a fitting symbol of this place’s importance in Eve history.


8 Responses to “Northern Migration :: AAA Lands in X-7”

  1. Good luck with your deployment, but with CFC having 1000 pilots on fleets at most times of the day, you aren’t going to find many ~gudfites~, even if you temp blue raiden and pets.

  2. Silence ikillyouu Says:

    Epic fleet mate

  3. Thanks for sharing story and pics. Looked amazing!

  4. Blistered Avalon Says:

    Easley, I’m a long time fan of the blog, and a member of CFC. I’m looking forward to dieing in a fire, and whoring on a kill mail or two. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment 🙂

      Time dilation has really improved the game-play experience, so I’m sure we will be able to smash our Tengus and Maelstroms into each other repeatedly.

  5. So, after a few weeks of -A- annoying the CFC and half-heartedly helping Raiden/NCdot/Ev0ke in their fights, then turning on everybody and doing whatever in some Wormholes…what was this so-called campaign all about?

    I didn’t see their SCs in the north, I didn’t see -A- doing anything significant other than indirectly helping the CFC and I think I saw some dead -A- capitals from a wormhole fight in EVE-kill.
    Oh, and a few roamings came through NCdot territory but…yeah, -A- was totally not a topic in any discussion in the north for anybody.
    Sry, I just don’t get it. :-/

    • I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t been playing Eve.

      One important note is that this entry is somewhat old. This was actually written TWO deployments ago; the more recent fights you’re thinking of came from AAA’s recent low-sec deployment.

      I haven’t been played Eve in while now, but from what I can tell, AAA hit some PL tech moons and the CFC saved them for PL as part of their OTEC bro-pact.

      I haven’t been involved, but there isn’t much for either side to brag about as far as I can see.

      • Skinner Unintentionally Necroing Says:

        Ah lol, Sry! Stupid me.
        And you’re absolutely right, no side had anything to brag about.
        Wow, this is really old news already. 🙂

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