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Back to Blogging :: Updates and Future Plans

Posted in Non-Eve Gaming, The Maverick Navy on January 28, 2013 by Easley Thames

To all the readers of this blog, I just want to thank those of you who have contacted me over the last year asking about future updates, offering me opportunities, or suggesting that I weigh in on various discussions.

I have had significant real-life commitments to attend to, but that’s not real reason I have not been blogging much since early last year. The truth is that I can always make time to write when I really want to.

The real reason is that I have not been particularly active or interested in Eve Online during that time. However, the good news is that I plan to resume writing about my experiences and ideas again.

Hopefully 2013 will hold lots of events that inspire me. I feel the game is past-due for some truly epic content, and I’m optimistic that we will see some spectacular events.


Some have asked me if I have been ignoring Eve because of the AAA v.s. HBC war. Honestly, I think to a small degree that played a role, since it distracted my corp from doing the kinds of things I enjoy the most.

Although the perpetual underdog routine in AAA was a gigantic fun-killer at times, the reasons for me not blogging relate more to me simply being interested in other games.

Among other activities, I have been getting into watching “e-sports” events on Twitch TV, playing Starcraft 2, and beta-testing Path of Exile – a free to play ARPG that makes the sixty bucks I spent on Diablo 3 feel like a total waste of money.

I often just get bored of Eve for a period of time, and this has happened plenty of times before. It isn’t tied to whether MVN’s chosen alliance at the time is doing particularly well or not, it’s a purely personal thing.

As of now, I’m motivated again. I am still playing other games, but I feel the urge to log in and kill people in Eve. I scored a few solo kills in Curse recently, and I will be stepping up my efforts again to really go on long roams by myself or with 2-3 friends in the near future.

Easley's Dramiel

I’m also really loving Black Legion fleets thus far. They expect people to meet a pretty high standard, but the alliance still has a sense of humor.

Our ops in the last week have ranged from frigate roams to balls-deep capital deployments, all of which were handled well.

For example, we setup an arranged T1 cruiser fight with Agony Empire in Curse, and when we won the fight we left the wrecks for them to loot out of respect, and in hopes of future brawls.

A couple days later, we caught some dreads in a wormhole, killed them, and proceeded to collapse the entrance on our way back out.

wh dreads

Half of the fleet had to use another exit that put them across the galaxy, but we all had a good laugh. I heard some bros nearby actually jumped their ships home for them, but I can’t verify that since I was one of the lucky ones who got back out through the wormhole.

The next day, we were moving some dreads from up north, and we ended up playing a significant role in the Asakai massacre, which I will probably be discussing in a forthcoming blog post.

BL tackles disconnected Rzr titan

By the way, since -MVN- has changed alliances, I actually took some time and updated the -MVN- Corp History page up to the present time. I still want to edit that section a bit, but the general gist of what I wanted to cover is there.

See you all in space, and thanks for the kind words from everyone who contacted me by Eve-Mail to ask about the blog.