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My Hero Cyno Saves the Day :: AAA Kills Erebus in Hemin!

Posted in Against All Authorities, Alliance Tournament, Eve History, Killboard Stats on June 13, 2011 by Easley Thames

Today was a great day for the members of Against ALL Authorities.

We started off by killing a providence pet carrier in D-G. Shortly after, swooped in upon several Morsus Mihi carriers that had been dropped onto a gate in Querious.

Imperian’s corpse was taken so that Maverick Lieutenant James Kordent could have it stuffed as a trophy of his victory.

A couple hours after the carriers died, our tournament team scored a sweet victory over Raiden in the Alliance Tournament.

Next weekend, -A- will face Darkside, a truly dangerous opponent whom we often engage in Curse. It should be a great fight.

We then moved on to a roam where we killed Initiative’s Machariel + Tengu fleet, and chased Goons around Great Wildlands.

However, the best moment of the day came last.

Some Curse-based neutrals were getting rather tired of being harassed by a badly-piloted Erebus who delighted in attempting to doomsday anything his friends could tackle in the Heaven constellation.

The neutrals laid out an Archon as bait in Hemin, and cloaked their dictor nearby. The titan pilot took the bait, but failed to kill the Archon, who was setup to withstand an Erebus’s DD.

Within seconds, our gang was upon the foolish pilot to provide secondary bubbles and to clear away his friends.

I was initially flying a battle-cruiser, but the call went out for more bubbles, so I docked and grabbed a Sabre out of my hangar. Luckily, after soloing in Hemin for a couple weeks last month, I still had ships left in the system.

After laying a sphere shaped ball of “you aren’t going anywhere” on the Erebus, I heard Mukk asking who had the cyno. Apparently that pilot disappeared earlier, and there was no one else who could open one!

Thinking fast, I docked to refit, and quickly re-entered the fray with a cargo-hold full of liquid ozone. The scimitars locked me up as I opened the cynosural field and broadcasted the beacon.

As the first super-caps landed on field, the fleet cheered, but we knew that there was a very good chance this Erebus would disappear.

The panicked titan pilot had logged shortly after the first bubbles were placed, and only a fraction of our online supers were at the designated mid-point when this trap was sprung.

No one had a precise count from when he had logged, but we all agreed there was less than 5 minutes left when he hit 1/4 armor. Luckily, his tank seemed to turn off after several minutes of frantic neutralizing, and his last 25% of armor and hull went extremely fast.

The titan was destroyed, leaving behind some very nice loot that was given to the -A- super pilots who were present for the kill. We made sure to pod him, too.

A video of the kill can be found HERE.

Rather than being a mere reward for participation, we earmarked specific officer and deadspace mods for those super-caps that were still missing various X-Type hardeners and officer smart-bombs.

I think the policy of upgrading our own super fits with titan/SC loot is excellent, and far better than allowing individuals to keep what they can grab.

Here is a screenshot I took after our fleet warped off field. The Erebus wreck was salvaged, but most of the others were left behind like gravestones.

As for the emotion after the kill, it doesn’t take much to imagine our excitement. Here are some other people’s thoughts:

In short, today was a very good day for AAA. Our Euro timezone crew killed carriers, our tournament team picked up another win, and our increasingly strong U.S. timezone brought down a titan.


3-Peat Number Two :: PL Wins AT 8

Posted in Alliance Tournament, Pandemic Legion on June 21, 2010 by Easley Thames

Pandemic Legion won this weekend, a feat that should come as no great shock to anyone following the tournament teams. While their victory was far from assured, few teams are on PL’s level when it comes to tournament prep, which includes: theory-crafting, practice matches, meta-game intelligence gathering and good piloting.

This makes PL’s third win in a row, matching BoB’s record from the days when TWD was around. What I found surprising was how many people seemed unaware of the history of the tournament. To me, the Star Fraction v. BoB match was one of the most exciting matches of all time, but newer players might be totally oblivious. For many U.S. players, the last 3-peat they saw was in the Shaq & Kobe era (or possibly the USC title which was recently stripped).

The final match shaped up to be a really great throw-down. If anyone could beat PL, I believed fully that 2 of the 4 semi-finalists could do it (Darkside and Hydra). Both of these alliances are used to small-scale fighting where, unlike most combat between large 0.0 entities, your individual piloting choices have a huge impact on the outcome.

Hydra is made of of pilots whose individual feats are on-par with anyone in PL, especially considering Gobby (one of the game’s most innovative fleet commanders) is now with them. What PL brings to the tournament (and Eve warfare in general) is a level of seriousness about victory. Hydra will self-destruct ships, bring the same setup repeatedly and rely more on educated guesses to determine what they will face.

PL does not take such a casual approach. From what I have seen, PL practice as much or more than any other team. Moreover, while others will setup random people from the alliance to play with them on the test server, PL can draw from a deeper pool of competent tournament-level pilots who will simulate real match conditions.

Finally, while it is not always a factor, it’s also worth mentioning that PL’s intelligence gathering/meta-gaming is second to none. Last year, PL forum posts indicate that they knew exactly what their opponents were undocking (before transport to Polaris) for each and every match. That level of preparation ensures you not only bring a good setup, but it also prevents fittings mistakes (such as improper racial ECM or fitting TDs against a missile-spam team).

I think that PL deserved this win and the reality is that everything they did (practicing with various setups, bringing quality pilots and monitoring the opposition) can be replicated by anyone motivated to compete on their level. Hydra came close this time, bringing a setup that could have been dangerous for PL, and I would be lying if I said they did not also approach the tournament seriously. All I am suggesting is that, for the moment, Pandemic Legion appears to be on a totally different level than everyone else in-game.

Then again, wasn’t that what everyone thought about BoB’s team in 2007?

Alliance Tournament 8 – Round 1 Pairings (Pick The Winners!)

Posted in Alliance Tournament on May 11, 2010 by Easley Thames

Hey everyone, if you missed the news, the pairings were announced for AT8. The official coverage will not be live until later in the tournament, but the fighting kicks off on Saturday, June 5th.

I will pick some winners and, after the matches occur, I’ll compare my predictions to what actually happened.

I encourage everyone to comment with their own predictions and I’ll post the top 3 most accurate posters, similar to a “final four” pick contest. If I can afford it, there may be a prize for the most accurate posters, but only if I get a significant number of posts.

TIME | Alliance     1    |    Alliance     2        |                        Easley’s Pick
15:00 Against ALL Authorities v Perihelion Alliance AAA
15:20 Agony Empire v HYDRA RELOADED Hydra
15:40 Arbeitaholics Anonymous v Get Off My Lawn LAWN
16:00 Atlas Alliance v Intrepid Crossing Atlas
16:20 B A N E v Unaffiliated B A N E
16:40 Beyond Virginity v Majesta Empire Beyond Virginity
17:00 BricK sQuAD. v Panda Team Panda
17:20 Circle-Of-Two v Indecisive Certainty Co2
18:20 Cry Havoc. v Plutonix Cry Havoc
18:40 Curatores Veritatis Alliance v DarkSide. Darkside
19:00 Dead Terrorists v Pandemic Legion PL
19:20 death from above.. v Noir. Mercenary Group Noir
19:40 Dystopia Alliance v Morsus Mihi MM
20:00 Electric Monkey Overlords v Leguinea Romana LR
20:20 Electus Matari v Veni Vidi Vici VVV
20:40 Erebus Alliance v RED.OVERLORD ROL
Sunday 6th June
15:00 Eve Engineering v GoonSwarm Goons
15:20 Honourable Templum of Alcedonia v WE FORM VOLTRON Voltron
15:40 HUN Reloaded v The Tusker Bastards HUN
16:00 Huzzah Federation v THE R0NIN Ronin
16:20 Important Internet Spaceship League v Monks of War. Monks
16:40 Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate v The Wrong Alliance ERROR
17:00 Ivy League v SOLAR FLEET Solar
17:20 Manifest Destiny. v RAZOR Alliance Razor
18:20 Mos Vape Heavy Industries v Paisti Syndicate Paisti
18:40 Negative Ten. v Soldiers of Thunderstorm -10
19:00 Old Intentions v Ushra’Khan UK
19:20 OWN Alliance v The G0dfathers Godfathers
19:40 Pitch Black Legion v The Kadeshi The Kadeshi
20:00 Rote Kapelle v Silver Twilight Enterprises Rote Kapelle
20:20 Snatch Victory v THE SPACE P0LICE Snatch Victory
20:40 T o r m e n t u m v The Star Fraction Star Fraction