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About This Blog

Posted in Uncategorized on February 19, 2011 by Easley Thames

With a large number of new people subscribing for updates here, I thought I might say a few words about why I started this blog.

I have always been fond of blogging. Blogs have played a role at times in my professional life, and I have at least a dozen personal interest blogs bookmarked on my phone for casual toilet reading.

I had been thinking about starting an Eve-related blog a couple years before I actually went through with it.

Around the time -MVN- was having very memorable experiences pirating around in Domain, it occurred to me that I would forget half of these incredible stories if I never wrote them down.

Regretting never blogging about my experiences with -MVN- in various alliances or as a pirate, when I came back to Eve after a period of inactivity, I was inspired to finally get started by PK’s blog.

I had planned to blog about killing people who spent hours smack talking us before getting caught the next day in their freighter. Stuff like that.

When I was new to Eve, I greatly enjoyed Eve Pirate and the stories by TRAPS leader Nexa Necis in particular. Those were the kind of stories I originally intended to blog about.

However, I ended up starting my blog right in the midst of Max 2.0, which drew -MVN- away from small-gang warfare into the domain of uber-blobs.

My early posts were often about major battles, but I did occasionally discuss scouting, small-gang tactics and some rather enjoyable U.S. timezone ops (where Doom, -MVN- and various Init Corps had some good times together).

I had participated with MVN in the first MAX, which was more successful, but even then we had some mixed experiences.

On one hand there were some epic fights back then. On the other hand, Yaay was FCing GBC fleets and getting us horribly owned over and over again (and then yelling at us about it).


There are a few other things I wanted to note in regarding recent events.

First off, I am happy that people felt my recent posts were especially worthy of being linked on their respective corp / alliance sites and a wide range of social media & social news pages.

Whenever I post, I always see new inbound links from a variety of forums and other blogs, but recently they’ve been coming from all sorts of places.

Here is a snapshot of a busy day’s referral traffic (those who followed links here) from a couple weeks ago:

Regarding Eve News 24, whenever there are sufficiently relevant posts here they reach an even broader audience on that site as well.

EN24 seems to be making a good faith effort to expand the number of perspectives from nearly exclusively NC and PL players to include others, and I’m happy to contribute.

Much more fun than the hit-count has been the level of discussion.With players from every side of the map weighing in, I feel honored to have briefly amused (or angered) some of you.

So, item number two…

Could Have Taken It Solo may be getting a face-lift. The current theme I use was exactly what I had in mind when I was looking for a template.

Unfortunately, there are issues with the format, and I don’t like the way it handles some of my chosen widgets. I am evaluating switching themes.

(I know no one gives a shit so I’ll get to the point)

Part of the change involves updating the banner, and I’m interested in a new banner. I would consider paying ISK for something I really love, but pro bono work is preferred since I’m not much for making isk and rarely have much.

If anyone wants to discuss working on a banner, get in touch with me in-game.


In conclusion, this blog will remain a journal of my in-game experiences above all-else. I want to leave a record for myself, and I enjoy the process of writing each entry. If anyone else enjoys it, that’s a bonus to me.

I am not writing for a specific audience. I post from a certain perspective, which is unavoidable, but I always write about events as I see them. I think my track record so far has been brutally honest and I suspect that is part of the reason people enjoy reading my entries.

In the future I will continue to provide first-hand battle reports, insight into events I have a connection to, and occasionally a little editorial on 0.0 politics or game design.

Thanks for reading and commenting. I have enjoyed blogging here for the last 9 months, and I hope everyone continues to find this site amusing from time to time.



Extreme Logistics :: The Neutral Freighter Challenge

Posted in Uncategorized on August 7, 2010 by Easley Thames

A long time ago in a region far, far away… an old friend of mine logged-off in a freighter filled with enough loot to buy himself a shiny new super-carrier.

However, being stuffed full of valuables in hostile 0.0 space is not the most comfortable situation for a freighter alt.  With his ship hidden in a remote system of the deep south, returning to the game entailed a difficult journey.

The monumental task of reaching empire without dieing would be difficult, even with his primary account available to scout. Freighters are slow and can easily be caught from behind with a single scout one-system ahead. That’s only one of many potential nightmare scenarios.

Trusting in his old friend, he agreed to let me bring him up to Empire. I have a long history of evacuating assets from difficult locations starting with the collapse of IAC almost overnight due to wide-spread panic over the coming -A- (and at that time we incorrectly assumed Goonswarm) invasion. For those of you who were not around then, it was somewhat similar to the collapse of Aggression alliance.

For the task of bringing the Obelisk to empire, I selected a rapier from my hangar, both because it makes an excellent scout and because dual-webs allow a freighter to enter warp very quickly when used properly.

With several tense moments and close-calls, I eventually lead him up through several null sec regions and pirate-infested Amarr low-sec. Surprisingly, the low-sec / high-sec pipe was actually far more challenging to traverse than the 0.0 systems we passed through.

For my troubles, I was generously rewarded with my pick of several ships from his haul as well as a couple faction modules that interested me.

My motivations in Eve are rarely based on ISK-making, but earning several new ships in this fashion was a great boon. It will allow me to recover more quickly from losses and avoid farming just because I get popped in a couple T2 cruisers.

The best feeling was that which came from aiding my old friend. By freeing him from a freighter-sized burden, he can now enjoy the game again and roam around blowing things up.

I don’t know how much ISK he has made at this stage, but within a day of arriving in Jita he informed me he had earned 10 billion from ship and module sales.