About Easley Thames

Easley Thames is my primary character in Eve Online. With a strong distaste for capitals, I am most often seen in T2  Minmatar hulls or Gallente drone boats.

I was a founding member of The Maverick Navy, and I remained a senior officer until the end in 2013. I was also a former member of our earlier corporate incarnation, The Mavericks, which was part of a cross-platform gaming clan that predates my involvement with Eve by several years.

My greatest enjoyment in Eve comes from soloing and intense small gang engagements, because these are the situations where individual pilot skill and complex teamwork really matter. I don’t categorically dislike larger gangs, but unfortunately these often sink to the level of the lowest common denominator among the pilots involved.

Despite my preferences, I have spent many hours in large-scale warfare. I have even FC’d combined fleets of over 1000 pilots at times when it was necessary.

Aside from blowing up spaceships, I also enjoy theory-crafting about ship fittings and tactics. Watching Eve videos is a bit of a hobby of mine as well, and I tend to see everything that gets posted.

I am proud that in my time flying with -MVN- I was able to fly with a long list of relatively unknown, but truly top-notch pilots and FCs.

Currently, I am an independent pilot playing Eve casually when real-life permits.

Current Non-Eve Games:

* I am now following Starcraft 2 e-sports events with great interest.


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